I love weddings! You can just call me the wedding storyteller! Are you looking for a small intimate gathering, or a big ol' party? I can do either! Your day should be exactly what you want, not what your Aunt Susie wants or what your cousin Molly thinks would be best--you and your fiancé's opinion is what matters most. Do it up big or keep it low key! It's your day!

I will be along side you each step of the way. I can refer you to other amazing vendors (florists, rentals, cakes, donuts, etc--I got you! We will get to know each other pretty well--I will talk about my husband and kids and ask about all of your wedding day detail plans! On your wedding day from the time you begin getting ready until your exit at the end of the night, I will be there to capture every moment in between...the good ugly cry to the emotional happy tears. Each and every moment is preserved. I will lightly pose you but mostly let you be in the moment and capture your day as it unfolds. Wedding day photos are so so important and I take my job very seriously. Your photos are the only thing that last forever. Besides your dress, photographs are the only tangible items you get to keep. After the cake is eaten, the flowers have wilted, and the memories begin to fade--you only have photographs that take you back in time to relive it all over again. Your wedding photographer should be one that you can trust and feel comfortable with. I hope I am the one for you!

What to expect when you contact me?

I try my very best to respond in a timely manner! I briefly go over what my weddings begin at, what's included and then ask to set up a time to meet you! Communication between me and my clients is extremely vital to me. I won't leave you hanging and wondering. I also recommend meeting in person if possible, if not we can definitely chat over the phone or facetime! 

How far in advance do you book weddings?

I typically don't book more than 1 year ahead of time. It's so hard to think 2 years ahead because so much can happen during that time. However, if you know for sure that I am the photographer of your dreams--haha..please still contact me and maybe we can work a date out that makes us both happy! 

How long does it take to get my wedding images back?

This is so important and I try so very hard to finish editing each wedding within 6-8 weeks. My goal is 1 month but you know life happens. I definitely keep in contact with my brides to give them a heads up incase it's taking longer than planned!

I always send a gallery of sneaks in 24-48 hours!

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