Seniors are refreshing and I love how creative I can be while photographing them. This time in your life is monumental. You are at the cusp of your future and have so much ahead of you! I remember feeling like there were so many decisions I could make and how impactful those decisions were. No pressure at all, right? Right! haha. Despite this being a crazy time in your life, it's also a beautiful one. 

​My goal is to capture who you are right at this very moment in your life. Never again will you be this age, this person or have this opportunity. This is an important session to me and if you want to wear a long flowing dress and stand in the middle of a creek then so be it! Or if your jam is cityscapes with industrial buildings in the background, I'm all for that too! It's YOUR session so we will make it showcase YOU! 

​I always meet my seniors at a local coffee shop to get to know them. That's so important to me. Establishing a real relationship with them is vital. I am going to ask what your favorite things are, what subjects you enjoy, what music you're into and if you like coffee--because that might be the most important question of all and it actually might be my first question! ;) 

​You can expect your senior session to take up to 2 hours or more depending on the locations and how many outfit changes you have. I hate to rush and the first several shots are a little awkward because you are warming up and so am I! Your mom or best friend can certainly tag along and we can even sneak some photos of you with them. I also love to help with choosing what outfits/color schemes work with you and your skin tone. Also, don't be afraid to wear more makeup than you normally would. I always recommend wearing a little more so that your features stand out. And most importantly your session will be fun! We will giggle and I'm sure I will trip over something...It always happens! And we can find a coffee shop after if you're up for it!  

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